Thank you for making us the most used WILDLIFE control business in N.S. twenty five years in a row.


At Advanced Wildlife Control, you will never see a section where people give testimonies on the service they were provided by myself.

My reasoning is quite simple.

Testimonies are like references and unless references can be contacted they are useless. Not one client of mine in 25 years has been okay with me putting their contact information on my website so that future clients can contact them to ask about my service. And if you can’t contact them, then I can put any person, real or not, friend or family or employees and claim that they are past clients who have glowing things to say about my business.

I will STAND ALONE on the fact that my business has been in operation for 25 years and to this day is still the most used business in N.S. when it comes to dealing with urban wildlife control.

How can I make that claim?

Statistics from the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources support this claim year after year after year.

I don’t make the claim based on stating the results of some poll but provide no information as to who did the poll, when, how many people were polled and what was the exact question asked.

Any claims or information I post on this website or tell my clients can be backed up by facts and scientific management principles. I wouldn’t be in business still after 25 years if I operated in a manner contrary to how I want to be treated when dealing with people.