Thank you for making us the most used WILDLIFE control business in N.S. twenty five years in a row.

With the concerns regarding Covid-19 (Corona virus), as owner/operator of Advanced Wildlife Control, I would like to take the opportunity and courtesy to inform past and future clientele that no one at the company has taken or returned from any domestic or international travel within the last two years or have associated with any family and or friends who have travelled within the last year.
Mike Larade

Advanced Wildlife Control is the most widely used and respected animal pest and wildlife control business in Nova Scotia. It is the oldest operating wildlife control business, being the first to obtain a license in 1990. I have traveled from Yarmouth to Cape Breton, helping to solve wildlife related problems in regards to residential, commercial and industrial sites.

As more and more wilderness areas are being developed, wildlife/human conflicts will increase. Many wild animals and birds are no longer dispersing, but adapting to living around and with humans. This can create all sorts of problems and concerns.

At Advanced Wildlife Control, I use non-lethal approaches in order to solve your problem. This might involve catching and removing the animal/bird and relocating it. It may involve the use of repellents or exclusionary measures. Sometimes, it involves a combination of the above. Only the most knowledgeable and experienced individual(s) will know best and at Advanced Wildlife Control, my qualifications, are unsurpassed.

Some companies will tell you some of the facts, yet stretch out of proportion these facts in order to scare you into giving them your business. At Advanced Wildlife Control, you will get only the facts, no scare tactics are used, and the opportunity to have your problem solved, saving you money, sometimes thousands of dollars (depending on work to be performed). I will not scare you into giving me your business-this is my guarantee.

If you are looking for the most qualified and professional person to solve your specific problem, do not hesitate to call Advanced Wildlife Control at (902) 497-2582. The experience and knowledge you will get will put you well on your way to solving your problem.

If your particular problem is not listed on the dropdown above, it does not mean I don’t handle it. Give me (Mike Larade) a call and I’m sure I can help you with it.