Thank you for making us the most used WILDLIFE control business in N.S. twenty five years in a row.

With the concerns regarding Covid-19 (Corona virus), as owner/operator of Advanced Wildlife Control, I would like to take the opportunity and courtesy to inform past and future clientele that no one at the company has taken or returned from any domestic or international travel within the last two years or have associated with any family and or friends who have travelled within the last year.
Mike Larade


David and Rosaleen Timberlea

We wish to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to Mike with regards to the problem we had with a raccoon and its babies in our attic. From the outset, he was extremely professional and his assistance was truly appreciated by the two of us in his efforts to find a solution to a problem that was very stressful on us. Because of him and his assistance, my wife can now safely go to sleep soundly for the first time in a couple of weeks. Again, thank you very much and we highly recommend him for his services as they pertain to the removal of any type of animal.

Gayle – Hammonds Plains

I called several companies to help me with my squirrel issue. Mike came out and pointed out what I could do to solve it. His approach saved me $4300.00 compared to what I was quoted from others. Thanks Mike

Ryan – Bedford

I had a raccoon in my attic. Mike came out and truly gave me an education in raccoons. He explained the difference on how he solves the issue by trapping and how others use an eviction method. Mike told me that after 25 years of doing this work there was a saying that developed among those in the business. “Once an attic raccoon, always an attic raccoon.” Once evicted, the raccoon was most likely to go and cause a neighbor grief by going into their attic ( he pointed out that this eviction method is how it is done in Toronto and they have had a nuisance raccoon epidemic for decades). I could not in good conscience evict the animal just to go and cause my neighbors grief by getting into their attic. Mike trapped the animal, removed the pups and saved me a ton of money.

Al – Sackville

I called companies because of my raccoon problem. I called some who advertised I could get rid of it for under $100.00 dollars. When they showed up I quickly found out that in fact, it would cost me thousands of dollars. Mike quoted me a price on the phone and when he was done, the final price was what was quoted

Peter – Dartmouth

My wife and I are elderly. We had a squirrel in the attic. Mike came out and set up a trap and caught it right away. Thanks Mike

Heather – Cole Harbour

I had a raccoon in my attic. Mike caught it and told me it was a nursing female. Although I had heard nothing that indicated little ones were up there, Mike went up and searched the attic and found five. Thanks Mike for being professional and not leaving them there when I truly believed nothing else was there.

Jennifer – Halifax

I had a nest of birds in my bathroom vent. Mike came out and explained all the options open to me in removing them. He cleaned out my vent and bird proofed it and then pointed other vents that should be bird proofed as the birds would only move into those now that the one they were in was closed off. Saved me money compared to others I called.

Tim – Halifax

Raccoons moved into my attic. A couple of companies came out to check my attic and told me they could find no evidence of raccoons being in the attic. Mike came out and actually got into the attic, instead of looking with a flashlight from the attic opening, and removed a female raccoon and her pups within 24 hours.

Sara – Timberlea

The thing I would say about Mike is his integrity and honesty. He charged what he quoted and he worked at it longer than usual and he taught me a lot about my situation clearing up a lot of misinformation that is out there.

Bill – Halifax

All I can say is WOW. A professional all the way. He responded to my plea within 24 hours and arrived at the time he said he would. You don’t see service like that much anymore these days. Again, WOW

Steven – Tantallon

Mike came out to solve my raccoon problem. When all was said and done, Mike solved it in short order and saved me thousands in comparison to quotes I got from others. Bravo Mike

Darrell – Clayton Park

I had a raccoon getting into the eaves of my house. I called several companies and was quoted several thousands of dollars. I called Mike and he set up a trap. Over the next few nights, the raccoon left the attic and did not return. Mike then went to work to keep it from returning by installing climbing inhibitors to stop the raccoons from accessing my roof. Exactly $3700.00 less than what was quoted by others.

Juanita – Bedford

I had two choices to get rid of the squirrel in my attic. Re-mortgage my home to pay what some quoted me by employing an eviction approach and then “squirrel proofing” my home. My second choice was to hire Mike. He came out, caught the squirrel in a trap, cut a branch that was too close to the roof and saved me a bundle.

Bill and Edna – Clayton Park

We had a raccoon in our attic. After setting a trap, Mike told us it was obvious that the raccoon had been caught before as for several nights it tried everything it could to get the bait without going in the trap. Mike came out for a couple of days and threw different tricks at it catching it the fourth day he was out. He still only charged us what he quoted even though we would have gladly paid him more. Good job and thanks Mike

Cathy – Fall River

After meeting Mike it was obvious I hired the right guy. His post-secondary education in wildlife management and knowledge cleared up a lot of myths I was given by others about raccoons. If you have any questions or want someone to solve your problem, call Mike first.

Bruce – Waverly

I had a wildlife issue that after calling several people had me terrified. I thought I would have to burn my house down with all the possibilities of diseases I was told could be present because I had raccoons. Mike came out to explain the facts to me in an educated and professional manner. I could tell he was not going to secure my business by trying to scare me. Thanks for being straightforward.

Helen – Kingswood

I had a raccoon in my attic. I called two companies. One would have gotten it out by what they called evicting it by using a one way door that would allow it to leave but not re-enter and then do what they called “raccoon proofing” the house. This would cost me between $5000.00 and $6000.00. Mike came out and set a trap, caught the animal and went into the attic and got the babies and my total bill was around $300.00. He said he could provide protection to stop it from happening again. I told him I had a relative who did light carpentry work. Mike took the time to show me what needed to be done to prevent further issues and didn’t charge me for the consultation.