Advanced Wildlife Control is the most widely used and respected wildlife control business in Nova Scotia. My qualifications speak for themselves and are unsurpassed in this province.

I hold a Diploma in wildlife management, making me a fully qualified wildlife technician.
First licensed business in the province (1990), but has handled wildlife for over twenty years.
Co-founder and past President of the Wildlife Control Association of Nova Scotia.
Former employee of the Department of Natural Resources.
Most used wildlife control business in Nova Scotia (as indicated by reports filed with the government).
Supplied information to several U.S. states and private individuals as well as providing services for those with properties in N.S.
Most widely referred to businesses by governments, SPCA and animal hospitals as well as the police and other emergency services.
Work done for and/or in conjunction with the following municipal/provincial/national agencies:
  • Department of Natural Resources
  • Department of Transportation
  • Canadian National Railway
  • Canadian Pacific Railway
  • Nova Scotia Power Corporation 
  • Department of National Defense
  • Canadian Wildlife Service
  • Halifax Water Commission
  • Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM)
  • HRM School Board
  • Town of Chester 
  • Town of Pictou
Outdoor writer (articles have appeared in local, provincial, national and international periodicals).
Mike Larade has appeared on many television news programs and radio talk shows in regards to wildlife control related issues.